Showroom "iglu"

Where you can select the cut and the kilograms according to your preference.

Fire & Ice

The ultimate combination of steak and seafood or “Surf & Turf”. USA Black Angus beef (Rib Eye or Fillet mignon),  accompained with ( Lobster tail or Shrimps and /or Scallops ).

Lomo Entero

Lomo Entero is the whole tenderloin cut for 4 or more…Recommended to be carbonized -blackened -Medium Rare.


Cut from the short loin section of the cattle. On one side you ‘ll find fillet – the most tender of all high ends cuts of beef and on the other side a full flavour-filled New York strip. No matter which side of the bone you pick you ‘ll be in for a unforgettable mouth -watering experience.

Famous Baby Beef

Cut from the rump this piece named “Triangle” is more than 800 grs served on a hot cast iron skillet. Suggested temperature Medium, to maximize tenderness and to be enjoyed by two and / or 800 grs for one, for those of our patrons who dare.

80 & more labels

Wide range of Local varieties and International wine labels to complete your unforgettable dining experience.. Ask suggestions from our experienced staff.