About us

Casa del Toro, “the house of the bull” first opened on Christmas day 2012. In spite of the times and in a particularly difficult period for our country’s economy we believed, dared and invested in Greece in an effort to contribute on the development and job creation for our children.

Our philosophy is based on the knowledge of  meat, our grilling methods, the seasoning techniques and the unique cuts and steaks which are offered according to the desire of our clientele, for their enjoyment in a place with a warm and friendly elegant atmosphere created for their ultimate dining experience.

With the consistent quality and selection of our products, the proper food management, the strict observance of the health and safety regulations, the continuous and thorough training of our staff as well as the meticulous attention to detail are all the components that make success story.

Casa del Toro aspires to maintain its timeless and prestigious image within the worlds Top international Steak House restaurants.

Today, after 8 years of operation we would like to say “Thank You”, for your support, your love, your passion, Thank You for accompanying us on our journey and for contributing to make us better. 


Old Entrance

Originally built in 1955 this structure in Chalandri has a long history. The ground floor of 41 Penteli Ave. was used as a single family home, kinder garden and in recent years a Greek taverna. In March 2012, when we first visited the site, the building complex, already had been abandoned for about 3 years and was in the process of being condemned and its owner looking for a contractor for demolition.

The Side patio

Within 3 1/2 months of our radical renovation. everything was rebuild except for the original mason stone walls which we uncovered under heavy cement plaster and restored.

Interior while renovated

Internally, the old kitchen was combined with the other rooms of the house, in the space which is now the current main hall of the restaurant, which is complemented by the atrium, a room (balcony) with windows that allow the eye to wander and the mind to travel in the adjacent green ravine of the area with the river – also known as the “ravine of Halandri”, as well as in the spacious and green garden of the restaurant.